Loans America Review

Loans America is a business financing connection service that can put you in touch with lenders across the country. It specializes in getting funding to its customers quickly, promising approval decisions in just a couple of hours.

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    What loans Loans America offers

    In an effort to streamline the process, the lender keeps things simple with just two types of loan on offer; a general small business loan, and a merchant cash advance. However, under certain circumstances, other loans may be available, but you’ll need to contact the provider to find out more details.

    How Loans America works

    As a loan connection service, Loans America doesn't disclose any terms and conditions before you apply. Your offer will ultimately be at the discretion of each individual lender, and your terms will be decided based on your credit score, length of time in business, and current cash flow status. You should bear in mind that different lenders will have different fees and charges, so make sure you thoroughly read the loan contract before signing up.

    Although very little information is given upfront, the provider does say that flexible terms are available, and there are no restrictions placed on what you’d like to use your loan for. 

    How do I qualify for Loans America?

    No qualification criteria are listed on the website, and all applications are encouraged. This doesn’t necessarily mean this is a bad credit-friendly provider; some lenders may have strict requirements while others don't. The only way to see what you’re eligible for is to submit an initial application.

    Loans America Pros And Cons


    • Get connected with multiple lenders across the country
    • Approval decisions within two hours
    • No limits to what you can use your funding for


    • No upfront information is provided on lenders
    • Only two types of loan on offer
    • No qualification criteria or interest rate information is disclosed before you apply

    How do I apply for Loans America? 

    You’ll need to fill in an online application, which should only take about 10 minutes. You’ll then be presented with a range of options to choose from. Pick the offer you like, and you should get an approval decision within two hours. Your chosen lender will get in touch directly to arrange the funding.

    Documents I need to apply for Loans America

    Document requirements will be different for each lender and will be requested once you’ve chosen your loan.

    Loans America for bad credit

    While Loans America accepts all applications, it’s difficult to recommend it as a good choice for those with bad credit. This is because it doesn’t disclose any information about its partner lenders or minimum credit score requirements. If you’ve been rejected for a business loan in the past, you might be better off trying a lender that specializes in those with poor credit histories.

    Loans America customer support

    You can get in touch via a customer support helpline or email address. If you have any issues with your loan, you’ll need to contact your chosen lender directly.


    If you’re looking for multiple loan options, then this provider might be worth a try. However, given the very limited information available pre-application, you might want to start off with a more transparent lender. You could try BlueVine, which has low starting rates of just 4.8% and can arrange funding of up to $250,000 in just a few days.