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AmOne is a marketplace lender that connects you with multiple financial institutions offering basic small business loan products. It’s been in operation since 1999 and aims to provide a fast and efficient lending service.

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    What Loans AmOne offers

    You’ll find two types of basic business loans: one for everyday use and a second geared towards startups. AmOne also offers a debt consolidation service that you can use to help cover any business debts you might have.

    How AmOne works

    Whether you already own a business, or are looking to fund a startup, the loan terms will be the same regardless. You can expect the following:

    • Borrow between $1,000 and $50,000
    • Interest rates range between 4.99% and 35.99%
    • Loan terms between three and 48 months

    As a lending marketplace, fees penalties and additional charges aren’t set by AmOne, but by your chosen lender. Always make sure to thoroughly read all of the terms and conditions in your loan agreement so you aren’t stung by extra fees.

    How do I qualify for AmOne?

    AmOne accepts applications from applicants with a range of different circumstances and credit scores.

    Once you’ve submitted your details, it’ll ultimately be up to each of its partner lenders to decide whether they’ll accept you or not. The only specific requirement to apply is that you’re over 18 years old.

    You won’t be subject to a hard pull on your credit record for an initial search, so you’ll be able to get an idea of what you’re eligible for.

    AmOne Pros And Cons


    • Wide range of lenders to choose from
    • Simple application process
    • You won’t be charged for using the service


    • High interest rates for some borrowers
    • Low borrowing limit
    • Most lenders will charge additional fees

    How do I apply for AmOne? 

    Fill in some basic details via the online application form, which can be completed in around five minutes.

    Once you’re presented with a list of options, you can choose to have a customer representative call you to discuss them further.

    Or, you can go ahead and choose your lender there and then, which will trigger a hard pull on your credit record. The time it takes for approval and funding will vary by lender.

    Documents I need to apply for AmOne

    Document requirements aren’t listed on the website. Each lender will have different requirements which will be made clear on the application.

    AmOne for bad credit

    It’s difficult to say definitively whether you’ll be accepted if you have bad credit. Applications are accepted from people with a range of scores, but as minimum requirements are dependent on each lender, it can be a bit of a risk if you're accepted or not.

    AmOne customer support

    Customer service is a little weak in comparison to competitors. Only a basic online contact form is available and you’ll need to go to your lender directly with any problems.


    While you’ll find a range of business loan options on offer here, you might be put off by low borrowing amounts and potentially high interest rates.

    If you like the choice you get with a loan connection service, but want increased lending and better rates, you should try Fundera.

    It has rates from as low as 6% and borrowing amounts all the way up to $5 million.