Privacy Policy

The mission at is to help our readers better navigate the lending market and get them the funding they need to succeed. We review every lending possibility out there, keep you up to date with industry news, and highlight all discounts and benefits available to anyone that wants to create their own enterprise. 

How We Collect Information

We track basic user information in order to provide the best experience we can. Some of this information includes timestamps, standard browser details, IP addresses, and referring pages. To be clear, none of the data we store is in any way able to identify our readers, and is kept strictly for site improvement and management purposes. The only time we have access to personal user information is upon the receipt of inquiries from our readers. Once we’ve answered any questions or concerns, we remove the data immediately.

 The Use of Cookies & Web Beacons

We may use cookies in order to store user information but these will never include personal data that can be used to identify you. In order to monitor the traffic of our website and track our amount of page views, we may or may not use web beacons. Also, to generate non-personal tracking data about our users, we may employ third-party sources that will us cookies and/or web beacons.

By adjusting the settings in your browser, you’ll be able to disable your cookies and settle any privacy concerns on how your data is used. In disabling cookies, however, you’re interfering with your browsing experiences, so we wouldn’t recommend doing so, unless on a site-by-site basis. 

Google and other similar vendors rely on tailoring ads based on the sites you visit and how you’ve used them in the past. DoubleClick cookies are what allow these vendors to provide personalized advertising. You can simply opt-out of this feature by visiting the settings on your browser and turning this off. 

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to changes and we reserve the right to make these at our own discretion. Should any be made or if our policy overall is altered, we’ll inform you by adding a date to the page in order to highlight which sections have been updated. We are not required to alert our readers directly of such changes, so we recommend checking this page regularly to keep up to date with our policy. 


Contact Information

If you’d like to share any questions or concerns in relation to our privacy policy, you’ll find our contact information here.