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    The Best Small Business Ideas And How To Finance Them

    You may have lost your job or are facing a significant reduction in income due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, you still need to meet your financial obligations. Now could be an excellent time to launch a small business.

    Here are the best small business ideas worth pursuing.

    1. Tutoring Business

    Today, e-learning has become the “new normal.” You can find tutoring gigs online or use word-of-mouth for marketing your Tutor small business.

    2. Online Dating Expert

    Singles today are looking to build relationships with like-minded partners, but no one has the time to invest in it.  As an online dating expert, you can start making money by making successful matches.

    3. Life Or Career Coach

    Life or career coaches help their clients reach specific goals that they have set for themselves in business, relationships, or other areas. Develop your areas of expertise and start earning money.

    4. Translator

    The concept of localized content marketing has become a significant segment of brands’ digital advertising campaigns. If you’re fluent in popular languages, you can be successful in, translating documents and website content.

    5. Photographer

    There are a few ways you can market your photography business. One way is to submit your work to Shutterstock or Getty Images and get paid when consumers download your images. Another is to open a photography business. 

    6. Freelance Graphic Designer

    The demand for graphic designers capable of creating logos, infographics, pitch-decks, social media ads, blog post images, and other digital material is significant.  You’ll need to be experienced with digital graphic design software.

    7. Interior Designer

    Interior design businesses are easy to start. You don’t need a degree, just an eye for detail. Create a portfolio of interior design projects you’ve done for friends and family and start marketing yourself.

    8. Personal Assistant

    If you have people skills, are a good communicator, and are highly organized, you should have no problem finding clientele for your small business.

    9. Personal Trainer

    As a personal trainer, you work with individuals or groups, to design fitness programs to help them reach their goals. If you're passionate about health and have experience with teaching, you can build a successful small business as a personal trainer.

    10. Handyman

    The services of a handyman have never gone out of style. Hectic work and life schedules make finding a reliable handyman a priority for many people. Offer deals, collect references, and build a strong resume. You’ll find yourself with plenty of work.

    11. Caterer

    A catering business can generate excellent income. You can specialize in events such as weddings and other family celebrations or provide in-home meals. Word of mouth and pricing is essential in this business.

    12. Moving Company

    Statistics indicate a tremendous movement of people across the country, creating an opportunity for you to open a moving company. Budgets are tight, so you could be high in demand if you offer an affordable alternative to the do-it-yourself move.

    13. House Cleaner

    If you can develop an excellent reputation as a house cleaner, you’ll have no trouble landing and keeping clients. You can launch your own business or buy a well-known franchise.

    14. Landscaper

    A landscaping business can run from mundane maintenance tasks to more extravagant and creative services. Commercial spaces, such as office and retail centers, also utilize the services of landscaping businesses. Rent equipment until you become profitable.

    15. Videographer

    If you’ve always wanted to be a famous movie producer, turn your passion into a full-time videographer business. Select a niche such as school events, weddings, or corporate gatherings. Design an interactive website to showcase your work. Be sure to include recommendations from clients.

    16. Dog Walker Or Groomer

    The demand for experienced dog walkers is on the rise. You can earn as much as $4,000 per month as a freelance dog walker. First volunteer at a kennel if you need to bolster your experience with handling multiple dogs.

    17. Ecommerce Store Owner

    Billions of world-wide consumers are shopping online. Research the market, find an underserved niche, identify your target market, select a brand name, and create your eCommerce store. Use digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to your site and create passive income streams.

    18. Freelance Developer

    As a freelance developer, you’ll have much more creative freedom than a full-time salaried employee. You can choose your clients, industry, and projects. Your online portfolio should display completed work with links to relevant web pages.


    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives. However, at the same time, this crisis offers many opportunities to pursue your dreams, including owning a profitable, small business.